Inflammatory myopathies are rare systemic autoimmune diseases. Muscle pain and muscle weakness, but also extramuscular symptoms create a high disease burden with impaired quality of life. Since the symptoms often develop insidiously and are unspecific, the final diagnosis might be delayed for months or even years. Additionally, the broad spectrum of other diseases with muscular complaints represents a challenge for the diagnostic work-up. Therefore, an informed evaluation by a specialist is of utmost importance.

Diagnostic work-up

The extent of the evaluation is individualized.

Test of muscle strength and performance
The impairment of muscle strength and performance is assessed by using internationally standardized and validated tests. Results will be acknowledged for treatment decisions. Patients for whom no further diagnostic work-up is warranted can be send for muscle tests only.

Interdisciplinary outpatient clinic for inflammatory myopathies
This set-up is ideal for patients with suspected or confirmed inflammatory myopathy with complex organ involvement or potential diagnosis of a neuromuscular or neuropathic disease. Patients will be assessed interdisciplinary. An agreed recommendation will be given.

Myositis assessment (outpatient)
This is a standardized diagnostic work-up for patients with inflammatory myopathies. This half-day assessment includes the evaluation of muscle strength and performance, a blood analysis, and optionally an MRI, an E(N)MG, cardiopulmonary screening tests, and nailfold capillaroscopy.

Myositis assessment (inpatient)
This is a short diagnostic work-up for patients with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of an inflammatory myopathy with close interdisciplinary collaboration of different specialists, physiotherapists, health care professionals, and the social services. The objectives are diagnosis, evaluation of the current disease status and/or the optimization of the therapeutic regimen.


To capture the various disease manifestations and their impact on the quality of life is of utmost importance. Thererfore, the primary objective is to develop an individualized therapeutic concept that includes drugs as well as individual recommendations for physiotherapy. Progressive and innovative therapies in the field of inflammatory muscle diseases reduce the disease`s impact on daily life and lead to an improved quality of life.


Close collaborations exist particularly with the Center of Neuromuscular Diseases and the Department of Physiotherapy.

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