Shockwave therapy

Which affections do we treat?

  • Shoulder: calcification (that can be seen by x-ray)
  • Elbow: epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)
  • Fingers: soft tissue calcifications
  • Hip: calcification at the trochanter, tendinitis at the trochanter or tuber ischiadicum
  • Knee: tendinitis at the tuberositas tibiae or patella
  • Foot: fasciitis plantaris, Achilles tendinitis

Bone: non-union, delayed fracture healing.

How is the treatment done?

The ESWT is performed for outpatients without anesthesia. Usually three sessions are needed one week apart. Each session takes 30 minutes.
Before the first treatment an appointment is necessary to check the indications and chances to treat the painful condition with ESWT. The health insurance company will be asked to cover the costs (there is no obligatory insurance for ESWT).

Why is our ESWT device special?

The ESWT device at the university hospital of Zürich has an inline ultrasound and a coupled x-ray system. That means, before and during the ESWT the treated zone can be controlled permanently. This is very important when calcifications and delayed fractures are treated.


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