Aging and fibrosis in myocardial remodelling in SSc

Aging of the population and aging-related disorders require deep understanding and extensive assessment. The aged population is currently at its highest level in human history. It is predicted that elderly population will reach 2 billion by 2050. SSc is an aging-related disease. With aging there are changes, as increased oxidative stress, enhanced inflammatory response and cellular senescence that leads to the progressive organ dysfunction, mainly in the heart, lung, liver and kidney due to the ischemia/reperfusion injury. Multiorgan fibrogenesis increases with aging.

We showed that the Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-b/Fos-related antigen (Fra)-2 axis regulates not only the stromal cell-to-myofibroblast transition and the activation of the autophagy process, but also cell senescence and aging during heart remodelling in SSc.

Insights from this project might contribute to general and unifying mechanistic concepts in the physiopathology of heart or even generally of other organ failure.


Baugarten Stiftung
Hartmann Müller Stiftung


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