MicroRNA-125b in SSc

So far there are no effective treatment for systemic sclerosis. MicroRNAs (miRs) are of particular interest in this case since they can regulate many genes in the same time and therefore are potential targets for a new therapy.

The subject of current research is microRNA-125b (mir-125b) in SSc. In preliminary studies, we have demonstrated that miR-125b is downregulated in skin biopsies (in both dermis and epidermis) and in the cultured dermal fibroblasts from SSc patients compared to healthy controls. However, there is no available information on the function of miR-125b in SSc.

Objectives of the present research:

  • Identification of target molecules of miR-125b in SSc by deep sequencing
  • Validation of identified target molecules by qPCR
  • Analysis of differential expression of miR-125b in animal models of SSc

MicroRNA125b in SSc.png

Method overview (Pictures used are from www.dermatology.ucsf.edu, www.amex-vienna.at, skincellblog.blogspot.com, www.lab-instruments.ru, www.illumina.com, www.atlas-biolabs.de, www.exiqon.com)


  • Egli Foundation
  • Helmut Horten Foundation 

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