Complex regional pain syndrome

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        PD Dr. Astrid Jüngel
             Group leader

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a condition of extreme pain affecting a part of the body with clinical features including chronic inflammation, sensory and motor dysfunctions and changes to skin and bones. Symptoms usually appear after trauma or surgery. Later in the chronic phase, signs of central nervous system reorganization such as dystonia, body perception disturbances or sensory deficits can become apparent. At a cellular level, CRPS is characterized by inflammation, impaired innervation of sensory nerve fibers, and reduced intra epidermal nerve fiber density in the patients’ skin. Despite a fair prevalence (about 30/10,000 people), the pathogenesis of CRPS remains elusive and biomarkers are missing. 

Understanding the trigger, cell types and signaling pathways that prevent a coordinated healing process in skin is crucial for identifying novel therapeutic strategies and biomarkers for early diagnostics, disease progression and treatment monitoring for CRPS.


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