Swiss Clinical Quality Management Programm (SCQM)

​Since 2005 axSpA patients from all across Switzerland have been included in the SCQM-cohort. With >4'500 patients, this is the largest spondyloarthritis-cohort worldwide. The main aim is to capture validated parameters about disease activity, function, spinal damage and quality of life, for individualizing targeted therapy (treat-to-target principle). Taking part in SCQM plus using the SCQM-App improves the communication between patient and physician. The resulting data have led to many findings on how to optimize biologic treatment, gender differences, smoking, overweight and spinal osteoproliferation. Many other analyses are underway.


Published studies (selection)

TNF blockers inhibit spinal radiographic progression in ankylosing spondylitis by reducing disease activity: results from the Swiss Clinical Quality Management cohort. Molnar C, Scherer A, Baraliakos X, de Hooge M, Micheroli R, Exer P, Kissling RO, Tamborrini G, Wildi LM, Nissen MJ, Zufferey P, Bernhard J, Weber U, Landewé RBM, van der Heijde D, Ciurea A. Ann Rheum Dis. 77:63-69, 2018.

Response to Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibition in Male and Female Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis: Data from a Swiss Cohort. Hebeisen M, Neuenschwander R, Scherer A, Exer P, Weber U, Tamborrini G, Micheroli R, Wildi LM, Zufferey P, Nissen MJ, Villiger PM, Bernhard J, Finckh A, van der Horst-Bruinsma IE, Sieper J, Landewé R, van der Heijde D, Ciurea A.  J Rheumatol. 45:506-512, 2018.

Tumor necrosis factor α inhibition in radiographic and nonradiographic axial spondyloarthritis: results from a large observational cohort. Ciurea A, Scherer A, Exer P, Bernhard J, Dudler J, Beyeler B, Kissling R, Stekhoven D, Rufibach K, Tamborrini G, Weiss B, Müller R, Nissen MJ, Michel BA, van der Heijde D, Dougados M, Boonen A, Weber U. Arthritis Rheum. 65:3096-106, 2013. 

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