Clinical research on SSc and myositis

In the research group Systemic Autoimmune Diseases we also conduct clinical research on systemic sclerosis (SSc) and inflammatory myopathies (IIM). Part of our job is to contribute to and coordinate multi-center observational clinical trials in the field of SSc. This involves the preparation for the ethics committee and Investigator's Site File (ISF) documentation, writing clinical study reports, amendments, study protocols, abstracts and publications, and perform statistical analysis of the clinical data.

We take/took part in couple of observational studies in SSc and myositis (Presence of PAH in early SSc patients, Effect of ETRA on skin fibrosis in SSc patients, EUSTAR consensus-role of TNF alpha antagonists in the treatment of SSc, EUSTAR analysis of Rituximab effects to skin and lung fibrosis in SSc patients, new classification criteria in SSc in ZH cohort, Terguride, DUO, COMPERA-XL, VEDOSS, ESOS, FOCUS, CAP, EUSTAR/DeSScipher, Euromyositis).

Next focus will be proof of concept (POC) studies in SSc and myositis. This includes e.g. a EUSTAR-SCTC-project on the characterization of myopathy in SSc as well as the development of prediction models for the worsening of patients with polymyositis or dermatomyositis using the Euromyositis registry.

Current projects
  • Riociguat for early diffuse SSc
    Randomized controlled trial with Riociguat versus Placebo 
  • Treatment with BAF312 (=sphingolysinreceptor antogonist)
    International multicenter placebo-controlled randomized trial for the treatment of polymyositis
  • EuroMyositis
    Registry for patients with inflammatory myopathy 
  • EUSTAR Scleroderma Registry
    Registry for patients with systemic sclerosis  
  • Compera PAH Registry
    Registry for patients with PAH and start of therapy with PAH-specific drugs  
  • DUO Registry
    Registry for patients with fingertip ulcers 
  • VEDOSS Cohort-Study
    Prospective cohort study for patients with Raynaud`s phenomenon 

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