Clinical research

Our clinical research is being carried out at the Department of Rheumatology at Gloriastrasse 25 and at the Balgrist University Hospital

Our research focuses on following diseases:

National and international database have become an important source for clinical research within the last years. The high number of patients allows showing the natural course of the disease, in particular also for rare subtypes. In addition, risk profiles for specific disease progression can be established, or even an analyses of the efficacy of certain therapies by observational studies.

Observational studies may also provide useful information for an optimized study design of large randomized placebo controlled prospective studies. In our focus diseases, we are part of large phase 2/3 studies. Often, we are also a member of the scientific study committee or are the global cooridnator. Nowadays, a high level of expertise is needed for the accomplishment of these studies. Here, we are supported by our Clinical Trials Unit within the Department as well as by the Clinical Trial Center of the University Hospital. With their support, we conduct diagnostic as well as clinical proof of concept studies from preclinical results, which guarantees a direct translation to the clinical application.

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