Our research is being carried out at three locations: Campus Schlieren, Campus Balgrist and at the Department of Rheumatology (Gloriastrasse 25 in Zürich).

While the clinical side of our department aims at a high level of treatment and care along the whole spectrum of Rheumatology, our research focuses on following diseases:

The main research targets are always translational, therefore the same targets appear in clinical research as well as in molecular biology reseach programs. Generally, national and international registers exist for the main targeted diseases. These registers are of great importance for the clinical and the pre-clinical translational research.

Our research groups have been distinguished as “Center of Excellence” by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR).

At the moment we have 9 research groups under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Oliver Distler. The principal investigator of each group is a scientifically independent and, as a rule, habilitated scientist. Three of our groups have a clinical focus, while the other six are of a molecular biology / translational nature.

Organization (PDF)


Group leader


Campus Schlieren
University Hospital Zürich
Center of Experimental Rheumatology
Bio-Technopark Schlieren
Wagistrasse 14
8952 Schlieren

Campus Balgrist
University Hospital Zürich
Center of Experimental Rheumatology
Campus Balgrist
Wet lab level W
Lengghalde 5
8008 Zürich

Department of Rheumatologie
University Hospital Zürich
Department of Rheumatology
Gloriastr. 25
8091 Zürich
Directions, Map (PDF)

PhD positions


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