Biomarkers for early diagnosis of SSc

The high heterogeneity of SSc in terms of clinical presentation and outcome makes the early and long-term management of these patients challenging. We are interested in developing biomarker-based strategies for risk stratification and prediction of disease course and future organ involvement in SSc. Our special focus resides in early markers, which could help find the „window of opportunity“ for medical intervention, before irreversible damage occurs. Such validated biomarkers are still an unmet need in SSc.

Our activity is focused on epidemiological and translational research on longitudinally followed cohorts of early and definite SSc patients, both with well-established bio-banks. This includes observational studies targeting outcome prediction and identification of risk factors, as well as development of screening algorithms for major organ involvement in SSc.

In paralell, we apply the multiplex Luminex technology in the quest to identify circulating protein markers for early diagnosis and prediction of vascular involvement in SSc.