Research Group Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (SID)

Part of the Department of Rheumatology the SID is focussing the research on two connective tissue diseases, systemic sclerosis and inflammatory myopathy. It is one of the internationally leading scleroderma research centers. It has research programs both in clinical research as well as in basic science research.



Team members

Clinical Director
Head of Research Group

Tel. +41 44 255 29 77
Fax +41 44 255 89 78

​Department of Rheumatology
Gloriastr. 25
8091 Zürich

Tel. +41 44 255 86 22


Research Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
Bio-Technopark Schlieren
University Hospital Zürich
Wagistrasse 14
CH–8952 Schlieren

For a detailed map, please have a look at the University of Zurich main page and select location „Schlieren“.

The lab can be reached by public transport (Bus 31 from Zurich main station, direction Schlieren, Zentrum“, stop Gasometerbrücke“)

The clinical studies are mostly conducted in the Divison of Rheumatology at the Gloriastrasse 25
Map (PDF)

Open Positions

PhD positions

We recruit PhD candidates via the Life Science Zurich Graduate School (integrative molecular medicine programm). Please check this link for further information.

Bachelor/Master projects

All Master projects will be announced on the „Themenbörse“ of the university.
Please contact us via e-mail to find out about potential Bachelor projects.

Other positions

All open positions will be announced on the website of the University of Zurich.

If you are interested in joining our group, please write us an e-mail to receive more information about future open positions.